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  • Express Lease
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Product Summary

Fast Lease

  • Cars from $70 per week
  • Lease Period 52 weeks (1 Year)
  • FREE 3 Month Warranty
  • Roadworthy Certificate with every car
  • Registration transferred into your name
  • Save $$ by bringing your own insurance

Lease Plus+

  • Cars from $130 per week
  • Lease Period 104 weeks (2 Years)
  • Premium vehicle range
  • free 12 month warranty
  • Registration transferred into your name
  • free racv 24/7 roadside assist


  • Redeem Points on great Gifts
  • including cars
  • cars from $130 per wek
  • free comprehensive insurance
  • free racv 24/7 roadside asist
  • registration & servicing including

Ready to Lease

Nissan Patrol

1 Nissan Patrol

Manual, Petrol

Ford SR Series III

2001 Ford SR Series III

Automatic, Petrol

Ford BF Falcon

2005 Ford BF Falcon

Automatic, Petrol

Mitsubishi Lancer

2000 Mitsubishi Lancer

Automatic, Petrol

Ford BA Falcon

2004 Ford BA Falcon

Automatic, Petrol

Holden Zafira

2004 Holden Zafira

Automatic, Petrol

Holden VY Storm

2003 Holden VY Storm

Automatic, Petrol

Ford AU Falcon

1999 Ford AU Falcon

Automatic, Petrol

Ford AU Falcon

2000 Ford AU Falcon

Automatic, Petrol

Ford AU Falcon

2002 Ford AU Falcon

Automatic, Gas

Holden Barina

2006 Holden Barina

Manual, Petrol

Holden VT Berlina

1997 Holden VT Berlina

Automatic, Petrol

Hyundai Accent

2001 Hyundai Accent

Manual, Petrol

Ford WB Festiva

1996 Ford WB Festiva

Automatic, Petrol

Mitsubishi TE Magna

1996 Mitsubishi TE Magna

Automatic, Petrol



12 Months Contract

Our News

We Provide Cars with Rent to Own Options

Are you in need of a quality vehicle that won’t blow your budget? Buying a car outright can be costly and sometimes you don’t have the time to save as you need a vehicle ASAP. Here at U Own Rentals, we offer an affordable solution with rent to own cars. With a rent to buy car, you don’t have to worry about an expensive upfront cost as you lease the vehicle from us at a cheap rate. This is a great option for those with bad or no credit, or singles and families with a limited income.

How does it Work?

For customers looking for affordable, high quality cars, rent to buy is a great option. To get started, simply choose from our range of vehicles, select either the Express Lease or Lease+ payment plan and get in touch with our team to sort out the rest. With rent to buy car leasing, you make regular payments over the lease period and then make an offer to buy the vehicle at the end of this time. We have been known to accept offers as little as $1!

Looking for a Short Term Solution?

If you prefer not to rent to own a car, we also offer low cost car rental without the fuss. Our rentals allow you to choose a vehicle from our collection and rent it for as long as you like. Our minimal rental period is for one month and you can secure a vehicle without the need to provide income details or bank statements. This makes U Own Rentals, a great solution for any driver looking for a fast, fuss free rental service with low week to week payments.

For more information, please call 1300 968 696.