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Q. RENT or RENT TO OWN, what's the difference?

Lease / Offer to Buy  (Rent to Own) means our customers can lease a car for a fixed period and then have the opportunity to make an offer to buy it at the end. You will need proof of income/affordabilty to qualify for a lease.

There are No Balloons / No Residuals on any of our leases and we have been known to accept offers of $1 for our cars. 


Low cost car rental is the same normal car rental but we don't require a credit card as long as we can direct debit the rental payments.

If you don't 'qualify' for a Rent to Own car Lease, you can still get a car under a Rental agreement and you may be able to qualify for a Lease later.

We are proud to serve customers in Melbourne, Victoria and Brisbane/Gold Coast Queensland.


Q. How does Rent To Own Cars work ?

Rent-To-Own and Rent-To-Buy are products that were established in the United States over 20 years ago. Currently more than 2 million Americans rent products from Rent-To-Buy businesses each year and there is a growing number of Australians choosing Rent-To-Buy as a way to enjoy the things in life they need.


Q. What is the process for a Rent to Own car Lease?

Its simple.  Select a car from our website, make an enquiry one of consultants will give you a call.  Provide them with information about you and your financial situation and provided you can afford it, we can have you mobile in no time.


Q. What is the process to Rent a car?

Pretty much the same as leasing however you don't need to tell us about your financial situation.  Give us a call or sumbit an enquiry to reserve a car.  Bring in your driver licence, a cash deposit and the first couple of weeks rental plus you bank account details (for direct debit payments) and you can drive away in one of our cars.


Q. What is included in a Rent to Own car Lease?

All of our lease products include:-


- A Money Back Guarantee

- Free 24 hour RACV roadside assist.
- Free Warranty (subject to the Terms & Conditions).
- Minimum 3 months registration (you pay the registration after that).


Q. What is included in a Rental?

- Free 24 hour RACV roadside assist.
- Free Comprehensive Insurance.
- Registration
- All Servicing and maintenance.


Q. Can I do a 'One way' rental?

Unfortunately we don't do 'one way' or interstate rentals.


Q. How soon can I get a car?

We can get you going in 48 hours or less.


Q. How much will it cost ?

Our prices range from $80 per week for a small manual car to over $200 per week for a luxury full sized car.


Lease contracts have an up front Administration Fee (Usually around $600).


Rental contracts require a minimum $500 bond.

Q. How long can I Rent or Rent to own a car for ?

Lease agreements start from 52 weeks but can be longer depending on which product or car that you choose. 

Rental agreements are for a minimum rental period  of 4 weeks. We do not do daily rentals.


Q. How do I get to own the car?

All lease customers are given the opportunity to buy the car at the end of their lease.  


There are No Balloon or Residual payments and we have been know to accept as little as $1 for our cars.


Q. How do I pay for the car ?

For Rent to Own Lease agreements, we only accept payment by Direct Debit on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

For Rental agreements we take payment by Direct Debit or you may deposit payments into our bank account.


Q. What type of cars do you have ?

We mainly have sedans and some station wagons. Click HERE for a current list of available cars.


Q. Can I swap cars ?

Yes. However for both Rental and Lease agreements you would have to enter into a new agreement and pay an administration fee.


Q. Is there an age limit ?

Yes. We cannot lease or rent to drivers under 21 years or drivers who have held a licence for less than 12 months.


 Q. How does the Insurance work ?

Lease customers will need to bring their own comprehensive insurance (don't worry, we can help you arrange insurance if needed).

All of our rental cars come with comprehensive insurance.


Q. What happens if my car breaks down ?

All of our cars come with RACV 24 hour roadside assist.


Q. Who are U Own Rentals and where are they located ?

Please see the About Us page of this web site.