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Why U Own Rentals?

Established in 2008, U Own Rentals has grown to become the biggest and most respected Rent To Own Cars (Lease/Offer to Buy) company in Australia.

We are not like everybody else!

Tried a Rent to Own Cars or Leasing company only to be left disappointed?  Dealt with a dodgy Used Car Salesman?  Been offered a Rent to Own Car that wasn't exactly what you expected?  Roadworthy?  What Roadworthy?

At U Own Rentals we are so confident that WE DELIVER ON OUR PROMISES EVERY TIME, we are the only Rent To Own Car company in Melbourne, Victoira and Australia to offer a:-


When we offer Rent to Own Cars (Lease/Offer to Buy) we include:-

* A current Roadworthy Certificate for every car!
* Registration transferred into your name. 
* FREE Comprehensive Mechanical Warranty!
* 24/7 Roadside Assist (On selected vehicles)


You also get:-

* FAST / Streamlined approvals process - One phonecall and a few questions is all it takes#

So why buy a second hand car from carsales or a used car car dealer?


* See www.uownrentals.com.au/services for full details of our money back guarantee.

# Approvals are subject to our responsible lending criteria.